Rescue Journal

we lost rudy tonight

Carol  ·  Dec. 16, 2009

i should have known he was not doing well last week when i noticed tu was being overly nice and cuddly with him but i just thought, awww, she loves him. louise told me today he was losing weight and was quieter than usual. i just checked him now, and rudy had passed away.

i have no idea how old rudy and tu are...they came to saints as full adult rabbits 5 years ago. i know rudy had a good life and we cared for him well. i know he was not ill with anything cardiac or kidney disease or an infection like pneumonia. but other than that my only guess is he died of old age.

rest in peace rudy rabbit, keep an eye on tu, she looks lonely tonight.



So sorry to hear about the loss of Rudy... I'm glad you found Saints and were spoiled by the bunny crew over the last few years. Thoughts now go out to Tu who will miss her dear friend.



Warm thoughts going out to Tu. Out of all the buns, I saw them as a true *couple*.