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LOL...this was the very first email i opened this morning

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2009

"I have heard you are a bitch from several rescue groups who have heard of you. They wern't kidding as I read past posts on your blog. I pity the poor animals who have to live out their last days with you. Now that is animal cruelty.

honestly..i did have my first real laugh in a couple of days...short and sweet..just say it like it is.

is it? is the thing..someone won't ever know because their mind is already made up without even once meeting me or the animals here.

i may well be a bitch because i do have a real bad habit of of chronically recording what really happens around me..including the political shit..i see little point in telling only the pretty half of the story. where is the truth in that?

but....bitch or not...(the possibily exists that maybe i am just fed up with all of the nasty hidden shit in rescue and think it might get better if brought out into the light)

unless you have actually been here, met me and the animals living here, see and feel what we struggle with....the chances are fair to good that maybe your current opinion is not really all there is to me or saints.....animal abuse????...not likely....stupid human abuse?...maybe.

i wonder what is in the rest of my emails???



Waouuuu...this is amazing!!! I honestly believe that the person who send that email put the wrong email address...That is the only thing that I can think! Or it might be jealous because S.A.I.N.T.S won the Shelter's Challenge online contest.
How can a person say that, especially when she/he never meet you?
Who ever is, just so you know:
Carol is a wonderful person doing something that not to many people have the courage to do and thanks to her and S.A.I.N.T.S I have my fist dog, Jack. Could not be more grateful for having Jack in my life, part of my family!
So ask yourself again: is this what a B... do? If the answer is yes then I have to learn English language again because I thought that B... means a mean, selfish person and Carol is not even close to that.


Ditto to what everyone else has already posted. Carol, I have never met you and I have never been to SAINTS. I wish EVERY RESCUE was like you!!!! Thank you and everyone involved with SAINTS for everything you do.


First I think being called a bitch is a compliment.
Second Phoebe is a sweet girl who often gets misread. Just tonight she gave me her big sad puppy eyes. I only wish I would remember to take my camera more often.


who says this jerk emailer is a female? maybe its a guy who cant handle the idea of a woman as strong as you are carol. maybe she (or he) should come on up and have the nerve to at least say it to your face, if that was still the opinion....then you could look at him/her and say "who gives a f*** what you think!"


"i thought being a bitch goes hand in hand with being in rescue. odd that they needed to inform you about it."

LOL I'm with Nicole on this one.From one Bitch to another, this sounds like either: (a)a troll, (b) a fledgling rescuer, with more ideals than experience, or (c)someone involved with a 'cherry-picking' rescue importing (in demand) dogs.

Marla from South Dakota

I guess everyone has a right to their opinion. This person is probably the same type of person who throws an animal away because they've suddenly started having accidents on the floor or chewed up a slipper or (heaven forbid) left a hairball under the bed! I haven't met you, I'm many, many miles away, and I think what you're doing is great. Rescue isn't always happy tails and fun stories - and I don't do anywhere near what you do - it's all about people who don't value lives like others do. Telling it like it is is a brave, honest thing to do, and I applaud you, and people who think you are a bitch maybe should take look in a mirror. I can only hope I'm half as much a "bitch" as you are when it comes to this sort of thing!

Merry Christmas to you and everyone at SAINTS!


Thanks for this laugh Carol... on the one hand it makes me a bit pissed-off , but that is my imature, emotional side reacting... my rational side questions...what was the purpose of this E-mail ???... and that is when I start to laugh, you have addressed this personality type here on the blog on several occassions... you know, the people who feel a need to berate or bring another person down so they feel big or important... It really does take all kinds to make up a world, but seriously what is it with these types of people & what a sad life they must live

Hope cole is feeling better today


Good grief! How can a person be so blind as to have read your blog - the honest, caring, horrific truths that you share and connect you with animal cruelty??? I'm not often speechless but this is about as close as I've come. I know it's easy to say, "ignore it" when someone has put it out there, but I'm going to say it anyway - ignore it Carol and go on doing what you do so well!


I couldn't do for a day, what you've done day in and day out for how many years? Oh, then there is the stupid legal stuff you deal with, urine soaked floors and slippers, dead and dying animals. Hmmmm, I haven't met you but I think you're a saint!!! Hope you, the animals and volunteers, have a very Merry Christmas. I wish you health and strength to carry on doing what you do.


i thought being a bitch goes hand in hand with being in rescue. odd that they needed to inform you about it.


Quote "I've heard...I've read" That just doesn't cut it to be able to pass judgment. I invite you to open up your mind, eyes and heart. I will personally be glad to give you a tour of my favorite place...Saints doors are open for all to come and learn about laughing, love and life from our very special friends!


I thought "troll" right away."Other rescue groups who have heard of you???" So this person is assuming you are a bitch because other rescues "heard about you?" Hmmm... B-eautiful, I-ndependent, T-rustworthy, C-ourageous, H-onest. That works for me!


I've never met you or visited SAINTS but am a regular reader of the blog and animal welfare volunteer in my neck of the woods (southwestern Ontario). I agree that the ignorance and inappropriate judgment expressed in the email is indeed laughable. And I don't think that you need to be told it but I'll go ahead and say it. You do amazing things for the animals and I am in admiration of the work you do and the animals you do it with. I consider myself an animal lover and yet I know that for me selfishness would win out and I would never be able to share my bed with anybody who was incontinent. If the politics is the part that was so offensive, this person needs to just look around and see that politics is everywhere. One institution in particular comes to mind whose name has been recently been rightfully dirtied in the public eye which many disagree with but it doesn't mean that what is being said is untrue.


This email may have made you laugh Carol but it made me angry. The human race is a sinful bunch and judging others is what we do best. This person knows nothing about SAINTS and yet has judged it and you - that just SUCKS!

Barbara DeMott

Consider the email a compliment. If you are called a bitch by a total asshole then you are getting through to them. Right on!


Good grief Carol... Did this idiot leave a name? Obviously she needs to read a lot more of this blog - like every single entry for the last few years! I think you are truly amazing and love you for the frank and direct approach you have to telling us about rescue and saints. Even though I live 3000 miles away I can never thank you enough for doing what you do and loving these precious animals the way you do. You really do humble me.