Rescue Journal

saints new coats

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2009

i went down to the sale and bought the guys some new winter coats.

jeremiah really wanted to bite me, but jerry loves he bit me lovingly...he is so freaking cute and sweet! (and he looks very handsome in his brand new coat)

daphne2 does not like winter coats (she doesn't like sweaters either) so she just sat there immobile til i got the hint and took the god damn thing off her.

cole is cool with the new least it fits him and looks darn good!

phoebe looked good in hers too..but then tammy decided it was too stiff and not comfortable enough for her. she stuck her in a really pathetic baggy fleece thing which made phoebe look like a bag lady. phoebe knew right away that suddenly she looked like shit..i said to tammy "watch out..she is thinking about biting you pretty damn quick." (if looks could kill, tammy would now be dead) tammy took it off her and told me to make sure she had warm blankets for her bed tonight.
she thinks phebes should have her own closet and dresser to keep her many jackets in...i failed to point out that she really only needs one coat to wear in the winter....the sturdy and thick and warm and waterproof one i just bought her!
i am putting that thing back on her first thing in the morning (while tammy is at work) plan will soften with use.

and have you ever seen how we dress up human babies and toddlers? the poor things look and move like they were rolled up in puffy cardboard tubes...puffy and stiff space suit babies!
phebe's jacket leaves her appendages free so she can move quite am nicer to phoebe than most parents are to their babies!



will it fit phoebe? cuz i bet that apparently she needs one of those!

dogs (note the plural) (and esp. the leaky ones) can never have too many coats....someone i know has at least half a dozen, the others might want a wardrobe of their own.


noooo, carol. Nancy at Barking babies has had a box at the shop and has collected a bunch of coats and other gifts for the SAINTLY dogs. I'll be picking them up next week. I'm quite excited as i saw a crazy one that is covered in pink sequins.


Remember sort Phoebes jackets into groups of waterproof, fleecy, lightweight and heavy and also colour when you are organizing her new walkin closet. Oh and yes make sure she has those warm blankets at tuck in time.


Glad you liked it. I am getting tired so my filter isn't working properly.
Did you tuck Phebes in with a warm blanket yet?


Okay I am getting tired, I used the wrong word. Should have been write not right.
Maybe Phoebe is just a bitchy princess. So maybe that is something you two have in common.


i did not say she was a nice princess...there have been some pretty haggy princess's thru out history.


Oh and by the way when you right a Phoebe only blog don't forget to attach a bunch of pictures. I happen to have a few if you need any.


So I see by your last entry you do admit Phoebe is a Princess. I knew you would come around and see the light.
It's getting close to bedtime but I must defend Phoebes reputation.


too funny! (and by the way.....shouldn't you be in bed and not reading the blog until tomorrow so i can say whatever evil things i want to say about the red princess for a little while at least???...3 am comes early, you are gonna be tired if you keep waiting for the next mean phoebe thing i think of to say!...maybe at 10 pm tonight i will write a real just about phoebe blog!)


Once again we read Phoebe differently, she was clearly embarassed and very happy that I did forget my camera.


those were not sad puppy eyes!!!!! those eyes said quite clearly...."you are freaking dead meat if you even think to leave me in this freaking ugly, blue/ black baggy shit thing"!!!!!


Oh and by the way, yes she does need more than one jacket. She needs thicker jackets for the cooler weather and lighter jackets for the nicer weather.


Okay I said that the new jacket (yes she looks quite spiffy in it)is too stiff for her to sleep in. It will be a good outdoor winter jacket. Her olive green jacket was wet so she couldn't sleep in that one. I couldn't find the red one I was looking for (wouldn't have happened if she had her own closet where I could find her clothes easily). The ski vest style wasn't right for night wear and her blue jacket was no where to be found, so I thought the blue fleecy one would be comfy for her to sleep in, Phoebe thought otherwise. She was a little embarassed and that was when she gave me the sad puppy dog eyes and I had to remove the comfy blue coat. So yes I think a nice little drawer or closet could be built in the entrance way so it would be quick and easy to find the right coat for her for the right occasion.
Also don't forget to make sure she has enough comfy blankets for the night.