Rescue Journal

from the producer of the CBC mini doc. on saints (reprinted with permission)

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2009

"I have a question
I'm looking for an individual or family who is having lots of friends and family staying with them during the Olympics.
Do you know of anyone in your giant circle who will be packed to the rafters and rolling out the sleeping bags and air mattresses during the games?"

i don't i know anyone? if i do...does someone want to be on TV? let me know and i will pass on the contact info.



do they want to be on tv? if so...send me the contact info and i will pass it on. thx


Hi Carol, I not only know of a family that will be filled to the rafters but will have an Olypian in the Olympics...Hope all is well...lots happening here...all good. Hope to get out before Christmas...if not Merry Christmas everyone.