Rescue Journal

well..i crapped out around 4 am...

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2009

saints laundry is done..mine is not but enough of mine is that i will actually survive. but an 8 am wake up sucks when i need to get to the grocery store...on the weekends if i absolutely have to do something..i have to do it early cuz no telling what will happen during the rest of the day to stop me. sigh...tough shit..i am drinking my tea.

you is a hint for mind fogging substance abusers struggling to be free...if you want to feel somewhat foggy and hungover, naturally,,don't bother with foreign substances just try a little less sleep!
oh what kind of mood will i be in to today???? i shutter to think.

i did finally lose my temper with the idiot bed buddies somewhere around 3 am....stop freaking barking every freaking time i leave the freaking room, you are driving me freaking insane!
they all got yelled at...they all got my finger pointing directly at their collective face....they actually stopped dead into totally stunned and utter silence...except little felix who's bark is pretty little too so that was ok.
he was too deaf and blind to see the angry finger or hear my angry voice. so i did not push the issue with the littlest and most wretched saint....everyone else finally shut up so i was happy with that....they are not used to me getting mad.
save your anger for when you really want to make an works pretty good.

anyway..they started barking this morning as soon as i got up so apparently stunned silence only lasts so long.

little dogs are collective hysterics...big dogs mostly are not.

that is my only foggy deep thought so far.