Rescue Journal

i should mention that...

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2009

max is not really dangerous...too old and crippled to be much of a threat and no one else around here is likely to get into a power struggle with him except while he is a pain in the ass really is not a huge deal.

it must be my night for disagreements with the saints tho....i just got back from putting the mp animals to bed. snickers really wanted a walk about so i let him have one...but then i could not catch that polydactyl little bugger cuz there was no way he was voluntarily going back into his cage tonight. anyway, again...i did eventually win but i had to lay on the floor to trick him into thinking i did not give a shit..i think he is almost ready to return to the house where he can walk about all he wants.

frodo really wanted outside...he slipped out the door i left open for dusty and lucky's pee break...luckily i caught him before he went over the fence...tricky little bugger is mr. frodo..yet again..i won tho.

looks like dusty's diabetes is getting out of control again..i upped her insulin by one unit tonight..hopefully that will help bring her sugars down...every single water bowl and bucket was empty....the floor was FLOODED big time tonight....can we say polydypsia and polyuria dusty?????

well i guess i will go see what the bed buddies are holding out for me..3/4's of the place is all settled in for sleep...just the bed buddies left..i wonder if they will let me read for a bit tonight before we go to sleep? (they like to argue with me about reading..they usually win that argument by simply overrunning me....yikes...a herd of licky needy mini-beasts!)