Rescue Journal

with another year ending....

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2009

i am still in no man's land as far as deciding what the future holds for saints...does it stay with me or move past me?...just waiting to see which way we are heading....i may be waiting awhile because these kind of things are not decided overnight. the is time to update my will again. i have decided to do a new temporary one to cover the next 4 years (this would be when i am eligible for early retirement from my paid job) then i should know if saints is on the road to eventually without me and i can decide on my next permanent will.

there is no doubt that this type of long term care rescue requires a fair amount of careful thought and planning into many things...not only for the animals in our care now, today...but also the ones we have placed in permanent homes that may one day need us again.
so my job is to ensure that the appropriate safety nets for past and present saints are in place before something totally unexpected happens to me.

i will tell you tho, the worse case scenario is not if i suddenly will be if i become totally incapacitated...death i can plan for..insurence is a wonderful thing. but incapacitation means just a disabilty pension...probably not good enough coverage for here i think.

so if given a choice, i pick death over being a vegetable for 30 years..i think that would be disasterous for saints right now.

don't i just think of the most morbid things?????

well someone has to..i really can't leave these guys hanging without a fail-safe back up plan.



thx max and yvonne.....looking forward to seeing you again in the new year!


Saints is a wonderful place. hopefully it'll be around for a long time to come. I would really like to volunteer there and once xmas and new years is come and gone i'll get a day off to come up there and help. I see the voting has ended, winners announced on wed, good luck to Saints....and I'm still looking into the table for the memorial garden.


not to worry lynne..i am currently figuring it all out just in last safety plan is no longer big enough anymore....(that was where i sent copper to you...phoebe to sheila and leila..reggie and jewel to nicole....(ha ha, nicole just choked when she read that!)... and everyone else to everyone else i trust a lot too)
the new plan is better, or at least will be once i get it done...none of you will be over burdened and saints will go on til no one here needs saints anymore.


by the way mo, what a sad day without you yesterday. all the animals came back in and cole cried and cried without you there. he was some upset and jesse was just not himself. they sure love you being there.


i will make sure it looks like an accident lol seriously tho it is cause for thought. what does happen when you can no longer do saints does it end there? i shudder to think of an ending to saints and to a saints without you, that just does not sound right we all know that people do not change overnight and there will always be the forgotten and the lonely and the abused animals, who will take care of them then. carol you are one of a kind, there is no place that i know of that is there for so many animals that are unwanted, for some reason or another , saints has to keep going, too many animals depend on you.