Rescue Journal

help me!

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2009

they won't let me sleep!!! daffy and shadow can't stop coughing and wheezing...felix is alternately wheezing and snoring..4lane had smelly diarrhea and still has really stinky gas and that little miss flat head i adopted is burrowed inside the pillowcase next to me tryng to entice me to play daxi moray eel kills human octopus hand. i was on the edge of the right side of the bed but i didn't have any room so i switched over to the empty left side of the bed and they all freaking followed me over there too!
arghhhh! i got up for a smoke..and no i have not quit yet and i have no intention of quitting anytime soon cuz what will i do in the middle of the night when the buggers drive me out of my bed and my room????

i tried telling them i have to get up in 6 hours and then 4lane farted again, the pillowcase hiding flat head happily lunged for my hand for the 20th time and the cardiacs wet coughs finally drove me out of bed to give them a low dose of lasix cuz maybe that will help.

jerry and caspar are like..."what the hell? settle down woman and quit moving around!"
as i was leaving the room...yuki took my pillow...tony and prudence took my body spot..i have no idea where i am going to fit in there again but i am not sleeping at the end of the bed!

can someone please put me out of my misery???? please? i will pay you!

apparently i have used up my winning streak for the night.
(ok..i am glad i got up...sissy just came for her midnight cuddle...we haven't had one of those for awhile...max keeps licking her while she is in my lap..if he didn't do it all the time to the little guys, i would think he was taste testing her.)