Rescue Journal

struggling not to let sad thoughts overwhelm me.

Carol  ·  Dec. 22, 2009

daffy, shadow, donny, felix, 4lane, jewel, cole...that is who i am currently big time freaking out about....bitsy, james bond, gideon, archie, rose, and max.....are hovering around close to my freaking out the usual worrisome ones whose deaths aren't imminent but whose happiness or wellness is complex....apollo, doris, molly, murray, dusty, eddie, endora, bobbie brown, cali, ellie, petunia, and dixie chick....and the temporary sick ones...snickers, angie, charlie, and louise.

i was laying with the bed buddies but i had to leave...too much coming sadness in that room tonight for is not much better here in the computer room..i should head out to the mp building but there is uneasiness out there too.

and here is the part that truly sucks...until these guys decide that they are done with this life..i worry about the others that are waiting for their miracle to come...the ones i know whose wait will maybe end unhappily before some of our guys go.

it conflicts me. i listen to daffy and shadow quietly coughing...knowing their time is so close and yet they rush to lay with me, they run over the others to lick my face, to play a gentle grab my feet game...making them cough even worse.
and i think...oh geez..they sound so awful...should i be thinking of letting them go? and then i see that they are just so happy...typical partying cockers, not once even considering that maybe this party might soon be over.

how do i deal with that? how do i hold those crapping out bodies and see the utter joy in their face? does felix have to be so freaking happy just to be flip flopping on the bed with me?
why can't they be like people and realize they are really sick?
if they only understood what was really happening to them... i could let them go...i could help them to find peace.
except...these guys think they have found is with my arms around them and a smile on my face...breathing easily doesn't matter to them...being with me does.

they are killing me, each and every one. there are too many right now that i am having to watch...i consider them carefully, i peer at and into them....i am waiting for them to tell me something that i am so afraid to miss...and am so afraid to hear.
and sometimes i forget to smile now..i forget that they just want to have fun and be loved. i feel like i have to for a moment at least...just run to somewhere else

i forget that my worry takes away from them the things they most absolute belief and assurence that everything in their world right now is really ok.

buck it up are pretty freaking lucky to love as many times in a day as you actually do....who hurts?
smart ass.



Well put Lynne. The animals are happy because they are in the present moment and it's a good one; they smile. Their lesson to us, surely, is to be aware of the pain we take on by ignoring the present and being in the future.

I tend to forget this all the time and only by recognizing the symptoms in others (thanks Carol) do I get it. Until I forget it again. It's all about the present.

Or, as someone who I miss every Christmas put it really well ...
"There's nothing you can know that isn't known.
Nothing you can see that isn't shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
It's easy.
All you need is love, ..."


they dont know or care that they are crapping out, they just know they are in a place where they are loved and that is how their lives are going to eventually end. what more could they want, they see utter joy when they see you and they are so very happy. what more could you ask for. there will be others to take their place, that is life and death and the natural order of things. it does not make it any easire for you, nor should it but you have enough love for all of them, the ones you have now and the ones you will have . i just wish there was a way we could take all of the ones who need help. they all deserve it so much. how very sad to end a life in a pound or shelter or alone or on the street. we need more people like you we need more compassion and love and caring.