Rescue Journal

so it ended up being a three hour vet run...

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2009

poor maggie...max bit her before we even left the house. i asked the vet if he thought it was oxygen deprivation..he said is just a cattle dog thing. sorry max there goes your maybe ok excuse right out the window. maggie was in charge of felix..he hung out on her lap and peed on her too. and when i said i had to take the dogs to mcdonalds, she thought i was kidding til she found herself eating her first filet of fish sandwhich that i think she thought didn't taste so good.
the dogs loved their cheeseburgers tho....despite it all...maggie was a great sport...but not sure she will want to go on the next vet fun run....there are few others i would like to get in soon after the new year.

a few minor adjustments on meds...4lane had some bloodwork. but it was felix whom the vet is most concerned about...he got a big dose of IM lasix and has to be back in for a recheck on monday. if his chest has not cleared out the vet said it is time to help him to pass.

i thought it was going to be shadow who would be the one that i was to worry about the most...this is why you go to the vets so they can tell you that you are mistaken...the other dog is the one in big trouble.

anyway...he is currently diurese'ing so we will see how he does and my fingers are crossed that felix will come out of this fine...for at least a little while.

yuki and toni went home today as permanent fosters...we will see how they do on the trial and hope that everyone does really well.
that is it for the news so far....maybe i will write some more later.



merry christmas also to angelina and renee and louise and new lady, sorry can not remember your name.


yay yuki and toni hope all goes well. how is spot? i just want to wish everyone a very merry christmas and especially carol. will be there in the morning for a few hours. am picking the animals up their pizza tonight so will be in the fridge tomorrow when you get home carol it is cheese so you can have a piece with them. remember lana what you were going to bring. hope you have not forgotten. lol merry christmas dawn and family. and mo tammy nicole zoe meghann brenda erin kathy k, who i have not seen for a long time and miss ko laura lana mj and the list goes on. you guys are great. i am so glad and count my blessings that i found saints and all you wonderful people. love you all