Rescue Journal

the true meaning of christmas.....

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2009

imagine christmas morning...mopping floors, filling water bowls, mucking out stalls, handing out treats...imagine the ones who are putting their christmas day on hold until the saints basic care is complete.
old, crippled animals, animals who leak, animals who cannot breathe properly, animals that the world tossed away but who are so deeply loved....animals who will not go without on the biggest holiday of the year because the true meaning of christmas is alive and well and surrounding us.
we wish you a very merry christmas and all of the joy and caring that you give so freely to all of us here.

(and don't kill yourselves either, just do the very basic stuff...i can finish up when i get home..i have to do my part in christmas giving to the crippled crew too!)



the second try on the spot pics came thru lynne..thank you for re-sending them! i am so glad he enjoyed his first christmas in his new home!
if i ever quit doing might want to move..i might park an old lady rv in your driveway just so i can hang out with him!


Merry Ho Ho & a million thanks to colleen & the elfs that cleaned the barn, I was worried about my time & when I saw it was done, I just got to enjoy my time with the animals, it was great !!!

Lynne & Scott

This is from the Lynne (and Scott) who adopted Spot. We are wishing all of you the best this Christmas day! We are thinking of every one of the wonderful animals who are lucky enough to call SAINTS home and to Carol and all who make it a true home for these special creatures. We are very thankful this day for you all and for the newest member of our family -- Spot...


Wishing Carol, the furry Saints and all of the wonderfully,awesome volunteers a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010. There's a special place inheaven for all of you for what you do. each one of the animals whether they are dogs. cats, llama, or goat appreciate what you do for them every day. All of you totally rock !!!!!
Love Rae


that is what part of christmas is all about, doing the things you love to do and that is part of me and laura and lana. and i think mo is showing up a little bit later i can not imagine not being there on christmas day to wish the guys and gals a merry christmas they mean a lot to us and we will gladly go clean up their poop and pee and give tahem treats. they so deserve to be remembered on this special day. we do not do it because we have to but because we love the crippled crew.