Rescue Journal

it was a very great christmas

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2009

some special moments with my family...(i have the best family in the world!)...two christmas dinners...thx vern and KO for inviting me over to yours too!...i made sure all of the animals had some more evening xmas treats at bedtime...and i got to see ellie, who i have been missing for the past couple of days and was not feeling really well last night. the barn was decorated up with beaded garlands and little boxes with looked so festive for them. we did take the beads down at bedtime so no one chewed on them during the night tho.

anyway...another great day filled with a job i love (that has super stats,) wonderful family and friends and of course our treasured crippled about having it all!

felix is not sleeping as well with the lasix on board...he has to pee a lot so he is no longer sleeping right thru. everytime he wakes up i have to worry that he might move...i like him curled up by my chin where he can't fall out of bed...last night i found him under the covers at the end of the bed, over my head on the pillows, across the bed just out of my reach...awake and wondering where he should pee.
for such a tiny and wrecked old dog..he is trying really hard to stay somewhat dry and clean. i was sleeping lightly and able to accomondate him and wake up when he needed me but it was a worry because i just do not like him traveling around on his own in the middle of the night...if i don't wake up and he falls..i would feel absolutely terrible..he and ellie were my only xmas worries last night.

cole settled quite well when i took his jacket off for the night...i think maybe wearing a jacket stresses him out....wanna-be wolf dogs don't wear clothing...cole is all about image over comfort....except he does like really soft beds (it is his one concession to an old and crippled body.)

welll...i guess i better get ready for work..the countdown is 2 of 6 working days is beginning..thank goodness it is still a weekend and another stat so it shouldn't be too busy.
i should be home for lunch today to see everyone.

i hope it was a good christmas for everyone, it was very good here.



i did honey...thank you so much! yours and angelina's are in the office on the that the series you were telling me about?


Hey Carol did you see mine and Angelinas gifts for you on your dresser? Im glad you had a great Christmas!