Rescue Journal

when i was a little kid...around 9 yrs old or so......

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2009

i was lazy...and stupid. i used to hide in the closet or the storage cubby for what seemed like a couple of hours whenever my mother had herself and her children on a gee lets start cleaning binge. i will tell you that sitting on the hard floor, cramped and uncomfortable in the dark was boring.....but it was somehow empowering too because...they could not find me!

in retrospect and knowing how intelligent was my mother (she did have her masters degree at a time in our history when many woman went straight from high school into the kitchen)..i am thinking now...that she knew damn well i was in that closet and decided that if i wanted to sit in the dark alone and uncomfortable for a few hours here and there....more power to me cuz doesn't that just sound rather boring as compared to doing a job with good company, really well? took me many years to work lazy out of inside of me...i now so appreciate the ability to not only get things done well and quickly but to get many things done simultaneously...i actually did learn that from my mom (she raised her 4 brain and body busy kids, she worked fulltime, she was a preachers wife who could throw together amazing sunday family dinners AND she steadily worked for many years on her educational degrees in the between needle point and ed sullivan)

one and a half baskets of laundry to go and i already did have my hot bath.

here is a bit of bitsy wisdom for you since i am basking in retrospectiveness....

when people bug me once or twice..i usually just calmly ignore them. but if they keep bugging me, over and over and over again, i create such a tempest in a boiling hot teapot that they pretty much just go away really quick. works. but it is also a good way to keep folks pissed off at you for a very long time.

when bitsy got here a year ago...she was a very angry cat. and she stayed in a shitty mood for a very, very long time. i just ignored her nastiness....i did not push her buttons..and while i did not push my friendship on her in any kind of annoying way....i was pleasant and cheerful whenever i did run into her and we co-existed in remarkable peace.

lately i have noticed that bitsy is starting to like me. tonight she joined me for my hot bath. she stood on her back legs and rested her paw on my shoulder, she jumped up on the side of the tub and rubbed her face against mine. we chatted back and forth...i told her how cute she was and she agreed wholeheartedly with me. by the end of my bath we found something in common...we both really thought quite alot of bitsy.

funny how a friendship is born a year after we met.
thank you for the life lesson i am thinking tonight that maybe i should treat difficult people more like i treat difficult cats.

learning is a life long process. load of laundry left and doris is walked, dusty, lucky and champ were fed and out for a pee break and half of the diabetics are done...i better go do the other half cuz i am leaving here early so their next dose is 6am.