Rescue Journal

the emails and calls for senior animals trying to get in....

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2009

sigh...i still have not opened up admissions for the pounds and the shelters...even with the recent adoptions/fosters going out....the four out are still not enough to create any room.
oh well, sadly...there will eventually be some room..i am adding champ to my soon will be leaving list..that list is up to about half a dozen now. but no telling when any of them will decide they are ready to go.

if we keep feeding them pizza and mcdonalds and pepperoni's... they may well decide not ever to go...why leave when the buffet selection is so good?!

i do have to say tho that little twisted reggie (who is not on that departing list) holding up admissions more than anyone else....i just cannot throw another dog into his current kitchen chaos mix......nina, please decide to come down out of the laundry area so i can stick him back in there!!!!!

(nina says NO!)

what a life...a little black poodle mix in a flourescent banana yellow sweater is single-handedly holding the whole desperate senior dog world at bay just because he is nutz.

oh and by the way...cole has finally stopped three of no coat to keep him warm and that freaking dog is again happy.



ahh ok, glad to hear it isn't the cross little beast from the dog park as his owners seemed quite devoted to him.


probably not the same dog..our reg is only 7 and his name used to be raggs.


Reggie? was he surrendered?
there was an old black poodle mix that used to be at my dog park (Warner Loat) but i have not seen him in quite a while
He used to charge my 85 lb malamute mix (mostly she ignored him - once she ran him down but did not bite him)


Just find out that SAINTS won the Shelter's Challange ...congratulation!!!! You deserve it very much.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!!!!!

Big hugs
Jack & family