Rescue Journal

a few photos while i make the new photo album

Nicole  ·  Dec. 29, 2009

(it will still be a few days, so don't start complaining this afternoon when it's not up, Mo!)

Two of our beautiful cows: (please note that percy has his big boy face now)


Fiona using Carley's back to assist her in chewing on a ball (Carol, no comments allowed on Carley's amazing sweater!)



ah, Marshy! I just want to grab him out of that picture and kiss his soft little head.


i don't know yet, it will be a little weird because of my honey, but we will see.
she's arriving on thursday.


What... 3 photos are supposed to keep me happy( read quiet) until some time next week.... ROFLMAO ... not likely ... a few more would probably work for a minimum of 4 days...

and about our friend Percy, not only does he have a Bog Boy face now... he has learned what a Cow kick is... and will use it if you are trying to get him to move somewhere he doesn't really want to go.

Love the pic of Fiona & Carley...and look forward to seeing Honey in there too !!! Are you going to keep her name ?


I wish I had your talent for taking pet pictures! Gorgeous photos, I look forward to seeing the others.