Rescue Journal

rose has terrible diarrhea tonight...

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2010

and that is all i am going to say about it cuz i am still traumatized!

i pooped (oops, freudian slip that i think is funny so i won't fix)..i mean popped.... into the vets to talk about daffy today..i am to up her bedtime lasix again and then both she and shadow go in on friday for a reassess. oh daphne you are killing me!

in case you have forgotten, i would like to point out again that reggie is a pain in the ass. he now has decided that he does not have to stay in the laundry area and can just pop over the wire gate whenever he pleases. reggie is killing me too...but not as nicely.

it is pretty bad, if you ask me, when in comparison.......phoebe starts to look good.

my deepest apologies to whoever folded my personal laundry today..i am so sorry, it wasn't dry this morning and then i was rushed to switch the next load into the dryer before i left, couldn't find an empty basket to dump it in so i left it on the time just leave it..i will get to it when i get home guys do not have to clean up after me! i so suck at 6am.

the dogs must have had a good day today...they are all settled and sleeping (except for reggie..sigh...he is still awake.)



Phoebe has been pretty good lately. She can be held up as a role model for the others.


Poops...there is nothing more pathetic then my Carmen Pomeranian long coated princess with shit drool hanging off her ass lol. I just had a tip tho...recently I put a couple of those kids hair-scrunchy things on her tail to keep the tail hair off her butt while she was having an issue and it worked GREAT! Way less mess :)