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fractured fairy tales

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2010

"i want to start my own rescue"

i honestly swear to god these words never came from my mouth. i never even thought of it in those terms.
when i started katies place it was under SANS because kathe's small cat shelter in new westminster run by another volunteer, was crapping out big time and she was desperate for a place to send cats anywhere but out to her. ever helpful me said i would find some help and set up a shelter for her in maple ridge..which is exactly what i did.
eventually katie's place, kathe and i all parted ways and we became independent of each other and continued on different paths in rescue life.
i went to best friends in utah where it took me all of 2 weeks of several desperate phone calls about senior canadian cats and dogs to realize, i had enough work to do at home. i returned from BF in oct of 2004 and saints was officially born 2 months later (i really needed charity status for legitimacy in order to solicit donations to help pay the rising vet bills.) saints became the next logical step in getting help for senior cats and dogs.

but i am sure the thought.."i want to start my own rescue" never even crossed my mind. it just was the next logical step in accomplishing what i was already out and doing. five years ago...this was not quite what i had is a helluvalot bigger with a helluvalot more pee and poop.

every time i read or hear the words.."i want to start my own rescue"....the first thing i always think of..."why would you??"

it is not that rescue is so absolutely horrible that i think folks must be crazy to think they want this (but sometimes it is)...i think i mostly wonder at their innocence for thinking what rescue isn' is called rescue not because we rescue animals who need is called rescue because the people really in it, need rescuing.

our search and rescue ships sunk somewhere along with our dreams before we even left shore. the leaky row boats we commandered to do us in the meantime, are overful and threatening to founder and capsize with every wave.

being a forward thinker...i have no intention of drowning so i found a deserted island that no one else wanted and started a ferry service to the mainland...get the animals out of the real world and bring them to safety over here. it was a good idea except, now our little no longer deserted island is too small too.

sigh...what to do, what to do????

this is why i don't believe in fairy tales...they have a beginning, a middle and an end....but fractured fairy tales start out predictibly, get broken up, and then get pieced together many different times, in many different ways...over and over again.

you cannot survive in rescue just staying the same, you just cannot drift forever in the ocean currents of rescue....those leaky survival boats are not meant to last beyond a few years....the first island you find you will eventually outgrow and then you start thinking in terms of a really big island...sigh...dare i wish it be in some place warm, like hawaii?

probably not...if i could stay close to the lower mainland (and my job and my family)...that would be good enough.
i am thinking my 3 acres needs to become...30 or maybe 300...that might be big enough to fracture this fairy tale up to the next level.



If SAINTS gets much bigger, you should think about geting a private vet. With our 9 pugs (8 rescues) we have paid about $50,000 this yr alone to vets. I can just imagine what yours run! Seriously, think about it.

More complicated testing could be done somewhere else, but most of it is the vet themselves, time, travelling etc. The drugs are the very least of it. Must be a retired vet or someone like that around who would like to keep their hand in it, and maybe not quite full time.

Hope everyone there has had a great holiday season, and best wishes from Bella (Pugsy) and I in th eNew Year.

Hugs Joan


it's insane to think of the amount of change at saints since i first came out to visit saints randomly in jan 2005. saints has grown by leaps and bounds. we have a growing army of very committed volunteers and wonderful donors who care about seniors.
ugg, think of the state of the office or the garage. or even the bathroom that had a soft spot on the floor. the mp room was so gross, and back little rats kept eating all the food. gravel floors, moldy walls, bleh, it was gross. and look at it now. never would i have thought in 4 years, this will all be changed. i never thought we could have done it with out some tv show coming in to spoil us.
but it was done and is amazing and it is all in part of the donors and the volunteers who have heard of saints and want to be part of it.
without seeing them in action at saints, one cannot imagine how committed all of the volunteers we have right now are to SAINTS and our dream. such an amazing blessing.
SAINTS is becoming more and more commonly known amongst the general public. When I mention it in conversation I'm continously shocked when I don't have to explain SAINTS and what we do. i believe the public interest and support will continue to grow with us.


Well, if you are looking to expand some where warm, how about the boo boo zoo on Maui?

Another rescue day in paradise.


i am thinking more along the lines of maybe only twice as big but 10 times the room/space so we can really stretch out our elbows and we can rotate our pastures and not put so much stress on our the quiet and shy cats can have their very own quiet area and we don't have to choose between giving them that and continuing to help feline leukemia cats...cuz right now it is one or the other, we don't have room for both....and i need to decide about this because that feline leukenmia area only has 6 cats day there won't be we save more or do we give the shy cats living with us more peaceful and quiet room?

if we are going to continue doing felv's...then there are some dying in the spca's now that we do have room for in that area...but first i have to decide what is best for not only them but the shy cats we already have here now....this decision is going to hurt someone somehow right now...but if someday we ha0ve more room we could manage both.

as to enough volunteers, enough sources of funding...that comes with growth...what we have now in those terms is so much more than we had in jan 2005...i am assuming if we do keep growing in our ability to help more animals, in better ways, the support we need to do that will grow along with us least that is the perfect plan.

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carol
Marie and I will be out on Wednesday to do barns or whatever. Looking forward to being there.


Are you really thinking SAINTS should be 10 times or a 100 times bigger? Could you find 10 times or a 100 times more volunteers and donors? No problem finding 10 times or a 100 times more animals but 10 times or a 100 times more vet bills? I'm with you in my heart but my head is shaking. Perhaps SAINTS could one day be nation wide. I guess I just don't think that big.