Rescue Journal

just a quickie cuz i want to spend the evening with daffy

Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2010

frodo still loves his house..i just spent half an hour laying with him and he is STILL purring. this morning instead of charging out the door, all pissed off because i dared to shut him inside some stinking homeless old animal shelter area for the night....he stretched, he yawned, he looked out the open door and said..."not yet thx, check back later, maybe i will come out in an hour."

nicole dragged me up a very long, winding, steep and drop dead scary dirt mountain road to look at 40 acres for sale, really cheap...yeah right...give me a freaking heart attack why dontcha?...i am afraid of heights. we ain't even going to think of buying up there...even if we did have the money, which we don't.

daffy is not as good as i want her to be with the maximum dose of lasix..i do think it is time to let her go, we have run out of drugs to try.....maybe tomorrow, maybe friday. we'll see how she does. i bought her a pepperoni pizza tonight.

ok...gotta get the diabetics done and then feed pizza to our sweet little sunshine queen.