Rescue Journal

even assholes need a bit of lovin' sometimes....

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2010

luckily reggie and phoebe got their loving early this morning before i remembered what they were really like.

with myles coming in, we did a couple of simple switch arounds....reggie into the entrance way, phoebe cuz she has been so good lately, out into the kitchen and computer area.
phoebe attacked max so she got sent back to the entrance...and then i spied a very suspicious looking tooth mark on eddy's thigh so i kicked reggie out into the big dog room with jesse, the other big jerk.
i am thinking i am too nice..i should just collect all of the miserable ones and stick them all together. then they can make each other more miserable instead of inflicting themselves on the nice ones.

let's see...reggie, jesse, 4lane, phoebe, champ, dusty, lucky, max, milly, james bond, conan, tango, mango and frodo...all together in one room..i wonder who would still be standing the next morning? (my bet is on frodo.)

you know the old saying that misery likes company...well that is not altogether true...miserable folks like to make others more makes them feel better and less miserable about themselves. from my experience with both miserable animals and miserable humans...while misery does like some wants it's company to be more miserable then they they work hard at accomplishing that...i think this just might be a universal across the species barrier truth.

now while i am no real expert on misery because i try to avoid it at all costs (hence i split up the real die hard grumpies and at worst give them their own space and at best buy them goddamn trailers)....i know a fair amount about niceness and kindness because i run across that quite a lot.

so today, from someone far away, whom i have never met....came a stunningly beautiful video of saints, pictures and writings cached from our was dedicated to daphne. wanna bet that made me cry again? but good tears from kindness and thoughtfulness...too bad les miserables don't learn about the good feelings from sharing that!
(i asked for permission to post the link to the video here...just waiting to hear back.)



Champ is not one of the miserable ones. He's particular. :)

And I would bet that either Millie or Mango would be standing last.

Reggie and Phoebe would have gathered their senses and leapt upwards on a counter. And you'd still be stuck with 4 dicks.


..i wonder who would still be standing the next morning? (my bet is on frodo.)

My bet is on Frodo too! LOL.