Rescue Journal

saints saturday

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2010

we had 5 sets of really nice folks thru on tours today...i got myles down to the vets for a nail trim so he can walk better now (i will book him in next week for a full check up and bloodwork) and we managed to stuff 200 bales of hay into our costco portable garage thing so we should be good for hay for a couple of months now.
poor jenn came up to visit and go out for lunch with me...she arrived at 1130 just as i was leaving for the vet...i saw her around 1pm and handed her a cookie as i passed her on my way to the barn and finally at 3pm she grabbed me when the hay guys left and we ran off for a quick bite to eat. it is important to raise not only patient daughters, but ones who can amuse themselves while i am tied up! i did thoroughly enjoy the quiet lunch jenn (who'd have thought slipping out for lunch with mom could be such a gong show!)

i am pretty tired tonight and still have quite a lot of laundry to push little felix is calling so i gotta go now.
hope everyone enjoys the video...i think it was just so incredibly kind of virginia to make it for all of us to share...and to dedicate it to daphne...did you see the lovely picture of apollo in it too? still missing them today.



Hello all
Just a note to thank you for your wonderful comments. It was an honor to create this video for SAINTS and I am so pleased it is so well received. I was reading a piece by someone here in Edmonton the other day, which talked about "unpaid volunteers in rescue" and I thought, we are paid..eveytime we look into the eyes of those we save.

Keep up the good work!