Rescue Journal

we are still in diarrhea hell

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2010

i am going to kill myself, really.

the vet came out to see czar..he is dragging his back hooves. the vet said he is full of arthritis and it is flaring up right now. i will pick him up some recoverexx tomorrow..if that doesn't help him, we will put him on quatrisol.

i have spent the entire late afternoon and this evening cleaning out my room..clearing out drawers, the closet, all the crap i don't need to make my life simpler.

zues is not here..he may not come. apparently just before leaving the shelter to go to the vet, he puked up a pot scrubber and suddenly got unsick and perky again. he is still at the vets and they are keeping him overnight to await his bloodwork return and to further assess his very thin body weight.
if it looks like the pot scrubber was his only problem and he doesn't have an underlying deadly disease...he will go back to animal control for adoption. if something bad and unfixable is lurking in him to make him unadoptable..then he will come here.
i am hoping for the pot scrubber problem only option cuz we don't need an unneutered, sick, pokey pete sized dobie..i would rather he be healthy and go back to animal control!

ok..that is it...i am cleaning up runny poop and doing laundry for the rest of the night....oh yay.