Rescue Journal

here's me spilling the beans...

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2010

my best christmas present was a little black and white photograph of my first grandchild in utero...i am so excited.....A. i adore kids in general and B. i am doubly going to adore my own grandchild....ang and eric are going to make fabulous parents and i can just enjoy watching this special child grow!

i will have to plan out some extra time in my life cuz i want this child to love granny...that's what granny's are for!
congrats again you guys...and i promise to come and babysit so you can recoup from the stresses of parenting this miracle of little human-childhood!

baby is due july 10 2010! yay baby, i cannot wait to touch your tiny hands! does not want a bald rescue granny..i am up to about 100 bucks in promises...1900 more desperately needed to save this innocent babe's grandma's hair please!



i personally can not see anyone being upset about your fundraiser. it is a totally different idea and you have a great cause you are fundraising for. maybe i am wrong, maybe you need more input on the blog, especially from the ones who shave their heads for money. must be someone out there.


we were thinking 4000 for all three of mo, and sheila...2000 for thousand each for sheila and be fair..less for them to raise cuz they don't have a blog to help them....
having said that...
while my focus is to NOT SHAVE my hair, but to SAVE my hair...this may be not a great idea on second thought.

in discussions today, the question was raised if we are being disrespectful to the cancer research society as the shaving of heads is their fundraiser idea AND it is pertinent to what they are fighting against as chemo patients many times do suffer the loss of their hair.

it is a thought worth thinking about...i don't want to unintentionally be disrespectful to such an important issue or to the people who fight against this disease.


Congrats everyone! But hey - you got $100 in less than 24 hours, and then backed down from a $4K goal to only $2K? What's up with that?


Congratulations all around! Very exciting! Carol, you'll make a perfect Gran.