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i should let folks know....

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2010

i don't do facebook. sometimes i look at the official saints facebook page if someone sends me a notification of an event or something posted on there....and sometimes i will go to my kids pages when they send a link about new photo's being posted cuz i like looking at family photos.
i got 2 facebook messages yesterday that i actually read, 5 that i didn' was from a friend from 30 years ago who wanted to know why i won't confirm her as a friend....ooops, i guess i never read the first one that came. and the second from another friend, asking me to vote for turtle gardens in the shelter that was just a little bit weird.

it is like a mass mailing list of collected "friends".....but my friends and i have personal relationships, it is not really a group endeavor..i talk with them on the phone. i talk to them by email..i talk to them once in awhile when i see them, just me and them....facebook is like a giant cocktail party of folks having one liner conversations and sharing quick updates on things and promoting our passions but without any real emotional connection, it is supposed to be about friendship but is it really? seems more like to me a one liner blog.......i find the whole thing incredibly odd, probably because i am uncomfortable and avoid large parties is like i am overhearing conversations that really are not intended for me. and i have trouble participating in things that aren't what they it about friendship or is it about talking to as many folks at one time as you can with the least amount of effort? one should take offence if i have not confirmed them as a friend...i just try really hard not to do facebook...i honestly just don't get it....maybe i am too old.

daphne was so cute last night...she has a blue sock monkey that she likes to play with in bed. she chews and wings that thing around until she is sure it is dead. felix likes it too...he likes to push it around with his nose til he positions it well enough to make a good pillow.

when daphne was done playing, she came and laid up by me....suddenly she saw felix goofing with her sock monkey and up came her head, staring intently at felix touching her toy. she stayed utterly still til he was done and had laid down to go to sleep and then she darted up, grabbed it right from under him and brought it back up to me.

apparently, daphne doesn't like to share her blue sock monkeys.

i took donny in for an eye check is healing, he is hopefully not going to lose his eye.

i spent the day in the shop yesterday and will spend today in there too...and then this set of my 2010 holidays are over...back to work on early shift tomorrow....yikes...i forgot to take a day off!

oh well...maybe next set.


Jenn Hine

I heart Daphne ... awe I don't care how much I need a ciggy or how grumpy I am next weekend ... I'm comming up sat to see her ... so stay outta my way momma! lol


Lol... I just learned about Farmville last week.. sounds like fun, but when you have SAINTS who needs an imaginary farm . I too am not a Facebooker, but blame it on the fact that I sit at a computer all day , everyday and can only manage about 15 minutes a night at home. I admit that sometimes I feel a bit " out of loop" but I'll take that any day over being glued to a computer at home gathering friends.


I don't even look at Facebook! Its too much. Email is enough and the phone. There's probably a good reason why I am not in touch with people from 30 years ago and who would be interested in hearing what I had for lunch or posting photos my recent hysterectomy?


Facebook - maybe I'm 'too old' too, but it seems to me that the main point of it is to rack up as many Friends as possible - the count is what seems to be important, more than the actual Communication part. I've been friended by people and once confirmed, never hear from them again. That said, I have reconnected with a few people I thought had dropped off the face of the earth - we 'friended' on FB, but continue via email.
But geez, Carol - with all the free time you have? You can't even be bothered to check your Facebook page a few times a day? How will you know what anyone's up to in Farmville? Or what dead rock star they are?