Rescue Journal

positive thoughts

Nicole  ·  Jan. 22, 2010

for Emme and shrek.
Emmeline has acute pancreatitis, her bloodwork was prestine last week and then on wednesday she stopped eating and her liver enzymes have skyrocketed and she is icteric so she is going for an ultrasound tomorrow at Boundry Bay specialty.
we did xrays on her today and on top of having a crazy looking heart and the worst arthritis the vet has seen, she also has a pellet in her near her hips. it makes me sad to think what her life was.
she's still a bit disconnected, but she will accept pets and a little love, knows i am the provider of food and has started to roll around and rub her face on the blanket.
emme, chewing on a dental chew (it took her 2 days):

and shrek had his possible 'round cell neoplasm' lump removed today (along with his creepy long nipple). the lump is being sent off to histopath and we are hoping for it to come back benign (if it doesn't i will be having a meltdown).
he is the sweetest lovebug who makes everyone who meets him fall in love with him and he needs to stick around for many moons for my sanity's sake.

to end on a positive note: carley, fiona, clara and buttons are all trucking along somewhat well.


Chris T

Hoping for the best for you and the crew Nicole. You need some sanity for sure - you have dealt with a lot of loss.


I am sending super positive vibes out to Shrek & Emme and positive strenth vibe to you. Hope all turns out and BTw when you come out to SAINTs next... wil you bring your clippers & help me with Roxie.... she has little matts behind her ears ( bad me ) and I suck with clippers...


Positive vibes and love from your friends Nudge, Toad, Molson, Jenny Two and me.


Nicole, you are a wonderful, caring individual and I hope for Emmie's and Shrek's sake, a little bit of karma works for you this week.


Sending positive thoughts for Emmie and Shrek. Hope everything is ok Nicole! Take Care, Rae


oh nicole, i am thinking positive thoughts for your two beautiful dogs! hope all turns out alright.