Rescue Journal

the barf babies...

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2010

there were four.

the first barf baby was chica...she was low last night and was pathetically curled up in my arms with her nose pushed under my chin. she got up about midnight and made it to the end of the bed before she puked...twice...big time.
yuck....but it got worse...

she upchucked right on murphy and the huge slimey puddle ran down his side and pooled underneath him...barf baby 2.

i leapt out of bed and grabbed the paper towels...barf baby three appeared out of no where to start eating the still warm puddle....oh god, even more gross..."donny! get the hell out of there!"

i quickly wiped murphy down, i wrapped up the blanket (all the while strugggling to keep donny out of there...bloody hungry cockers!) and threw the blanket in the garbage.

in the meantime, barf baby four (felix) was licking murphy's soggy side like it was a giant ice cream cone.

sigh, 4 barf babies last who the barf came out of, one who the barf went on to and two who the barf went into....

i was totally traumatized by the whole experience.

(hey mo? are ya envious of that special midnight moment???)



Ewwwwww!!! I'd clean up a dog/cat/whatever puke over a human puke.



Today must have been "Barf" day. We had a toddler barf in the office - all over herself and the carpet. I signed up to do taxes not clean up puke.


don't read gross posts with barf in the title, you might start retching and stress out the baby!!
(oh..and i bought the baby to be the cutest little outfit on my lunch break has a matching bib in case he/or she ever upchucks too!!!)