Rescue Journal

Charlie, The Cat Who Didn't Quite Make it to SAINTS

 ·  Jan. 24, 2010

<img src="Charlie" alt="Charlie" />

Charlie is roughly 13 yr old cat who came into our shelter before Christmas. She was diagnosed with being hypothyroid at the beginning of Jan. It looks like she may have some kidney issues and I am hoping she doesn't have a pooping problem. I didn't meet Charlie until about a week ago when I took a new volunteer over to the cat cottage and I noticed Charlie has some stool droplets outside her litter box so I went to clean it up. The poop droplets were hard as rock and that was when I knew I had to bring her home. How wierd is that.

The shelter staff thought that Charlie was blind as she would walk through her water and food bowl and she really didn't leave her kennel. On the way home, we visited our vets and she isn't blind. She is a bit wonky on her feet due to living with an untreated thyroid problem and becoming extremely underweight from it? I think she is not feeling very well yet which is upsetting Little Face because she REALLY, REALLY wants to meet Charlie but Charile does not want anything to do with her. So Charlie is living my bedroom right now which is very frustrating for Little Face because that is where she usually sleeps. I live in hope that Charlie will love Little Face when she is feeling better as Little Face really needs another cat to love her the way Carleton did.

Because Charlie had so many health issues and she was considered a senior, the shelter was going to call SAINTS. But instead Carol, I absconded with a cat who could have been a SAINT. I either saved you or you are now missing the company of a very sweet little girl.



yay to saving me...abscond from thy shelter at will!
smart little girl to find such a very fine home.

post screech on here again...maybe he can find a home and then you can take home boston for the little faced one.


She sounds beautiful Leila. Hopefully with time she'll let Little face come closer. Lucky her to be out of the Shelter and home with you. :)