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how much is that doggy on yer website...(la, la, la, la, la, la, la...)

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2010

you know, really folks....when contacting a senior and special needs rescue regarding an animal you may or may not want to adopt...the primary concern should probably NOT be..."how much is your adoption fee?"
think about it...

15 year old dog, crippled with arthritis and cardiac disease, missing an eye, suffering from urinary/bowel incontinence.....

do you really think any possible adoption fee is something remotely more than you can meet?
do you think maybe you should ask and possibly worry about other things?

saints ain't "doggy's for dollars".."kitty's for coins"...i don't give a ratz ass about money. their job is not to bring money in, their job is just to be happy. and i ain't telling would be adoptors whose first and sometimes only question is "how much?" that we don't have adoption fees and i don't pimp our vulnerable old and sick friends! i won't tell them because i don't want them to think, they just found a freebee. our guys aren't free either...the right home will be working their ass off to make it the best home of will cost big time in many things much more important than just mere money.

sorry, just got another bugs me.



Oh, now I get it, Carol! Yes, that is very disrespectful then and maybe they don't even deserve a response.

A bit off topic but as for the flea market, that is how I got my beautiful 11 year old dog. She was tied up at a garage sale, beside her deceased owner's total household belongings for sale on the lawn. How sad is that? Of course I took her in temporarily to find her a new home. After a week I knew she was here to stay. She lived 2 more years and was a wonderful girl.


but linda for many..that is the only thing i get from them....'i saw so and so on the website, how much does she cost?
not a word about themselves, not a question about the dog, sometimes not even a hello or a name signed at the end...just...the dog's name and how much?
for me it is hard to read anything at all into that except i don't want to answer that email cuz what am i supposed to say...?

so and so is free.
thank you for writing,
have a nice day.

that kind of inquiry is crude and disrespectful to them in the extreme like they are a glass jar being pondered for purchase at the flea market..." much do you want for this thing?"

Barbara DeMott

Has everyone seen this video? It was sent to me by the rescue I write for in LA /
Apparently the "rescuer" has received thousands of messages, gifts, and marriage proposals!


I do actually understand someone asking about the price of the animal. The SPCA charges a lot for their animals (though it includes fixing, training, vet check)so if I was looking for another pet, I would ask too. I think it may just be part of the checklist and definitely depends on a persons brain structure. I'm methodical to a fault. Yes, I would ask about cost cause then I could check that little box on the list and also then no surprises. Everything is out in the open. Also, I've been a single parent living on very little with no one else looking after my money, no parents to run to for a loan, no husband bringing in the pay cheque. This means I would get the money question out of the way near the start of the questions. I don't think anyone should read too much into it, it's just how people's brains are organized and what life experiences they have had.


If you could say " Ten grand, " with a straight face, that might shorten the phone call at least.