Rescue Journal

it is an utterly shitty day

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2010

the sudden loss of buddy...the check up with donny ...

it is a tumour behind the eye and it is probably heading up the optic nerve to the brain..he also has liver disease and that is what is making him have the bloody loose stools and the massive weight loss. we just couldn't lose him within seconds of buddy so he is home with some meds that may or may not help for a short while. he goes back in for a recheck on friday (or sooner if he needs.) the vet said if we can get the liver issues under control...MAYBE he can survive the surgery to remove his eye and the tumour, and have some quality of life for a few more months but it is highly unlikely...i think i just put off for a few days the inevitable.

doris has been puking her guts out today.

max is still not breathing well.

the new big little bud is still a bit scared and needs me to keep touching him.

sissy is really missing her buddy and so am i.

and now...archie had a massive 5 minute grand mal seizure. he is currently blind and totally freaked out, my trying to help him was making it worse, so once he was done seizing, i put him on an extra soft bed and am leaving him alone to recover.
that is the first seizure i have seen him have, and it was a doozie.

when it rains it pours, especially in seniors rescue.


Francesca Wilson

Carol - so sorry about Buddy he seemed a permanent fixture somehow.
Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow. Tell Colleen we will do the barns happily.
Take care


who would have thought we would lose buddy. poor sissy she must be heartbroken. such a pair they were so bonded together. i hope she will be okay. still can not believe it just saw them both yesterday, clammering for food and seeming to be so totally happy and healthy. i am so sorry


I wish I could be there... I can't stop thinking about Sissy and now more.. it is a bad bad day


Prayers for strength through what is going to be a very difficult time.