Rescue Journal

when i bumped buddy into murphy's appointment, i was expecting that poor buddy had an upset tummy.

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2010

i was not expecting to hear that his body temperature was dropping, he was pale and bleeding out and that he had a large nodular mass in his belly.
i am still stunned.

buddy and sissy came here 5 years ago, they arrived here the day we moved in. i was told they were dirty, they were gross, they stunk to high heaven, and they didn't like humans, all they cared about was each other.

like all of the animals that make their way here..there was so much more to them then just all that. and that's what i want to talk about..buddy, our much loved friend.

i fondly called them the icky chi's. they did pee and poop in all the wrong places, they were missing a lot of hair. their dry skin did flake off and cover their beds and my sweaters, and if they missed their regular baths they did smell pretty bad.

but they loved to bake in front of the fireplace, they loved the hot sun on their backs, they loved to cuddle and play and give shy kisses and they loved to take their treats and their dinner back to their beds. when i laid on the couch with them in the evenings, they loved to climb under my bathrobe to nap. and above all, they loved each other. they had been together since the moment of their birth, they were like little siamese twins not actually attached. they were always together, they walked over and under each other, two little icky peas from the same pod.

and for 5 years they have blessed us all with their shared antics and their shared happiness in life despite the tough deal that they got.

buddy could be a dick-head...he chased max the night before last. there was not a single large dog here who did not have a healthy respect for the distance between them and buddy's bed. he put the run on the best of them, they knew who was the hot fireplace boss.

i don't think i can ever take his bed away from in front of the fireplace...sissy can now have them both. i know she is going to miss him...her brother, her friend, the only one in her entire life, who truly loved and accepted all of her before they came here to this place.

we lost another heart of saints today...a little icky chi who we thought was so incredibly lovely. buddy was 14 yrs old.

rest in peace buddy, your bed in front of the fire will always be here for you....maybe late at night when we all sleep, you can slip in and share it with sissy, she will need you.



Buddy's journey in this world is over & a better one has begun, I will remember him as the spunky little " one kibble at a time guy" with the raccoon face & high back end... i love you buddy & miss you already.

For Sissy , my heart is broken


When you walked into the computer room it was like saying one name "Buddy-Sissy" and the two would get all excited and come scappering over for some love. Such special little dogs. Buddy you were loved and your cute little face peeking out from the basket will be greatly over your Sissy.


Oh Buddy I will miss you ... I hope you are warm and toasty and happy as can be!


Sissy, may all the warm and loving thoughts sent with love your way today, keep you company forever and ever. Kisses to you little one.


I am so sorry, another huge loss for Saints. Rest in Peace Buddy, you will be missed.


What a shock! Bless Buddy. Sissy will need lots of extra love. Sending some her way from Nudge and Co xxx