Rescue Journal

by the time i get off of work at home, clean up the accidents, toss in the laundry, do the meds/diabetics....the night was done and so was i.....

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2010

i was beyond toast. i fell into bed and was asleep before my eyes closed.

this morning was interesting....

i took donny to mcdonalds for breakfast in case it was his last meal. the pressure is way down in his eyes with the new meds so that is good. but his liver is still done, and that tumour behind his eye is still there...he still looks like a blind walking skeleton with weepy warts wearing a sweater.

anyway..he was wagging his tail, he was scarfing down the healthy, crappy vet clinic treats, he was falling over with butt donny came home again.

MAYBE...MAYBE...if we can get his toxic liver induced diarrhea under control....MAYBE if we can get some meat on him...MAYBE we will look at trying to get that eye out because he will have a better chance of doing well post surgery. we will see, he goes in for a re-check next week.

max's bloodwork came back almost normal...this is actually bad news, it means with his very enlarged liver that it is more likely cancer vs congested liver failure. we will try a new med and wait a bit to see how he does, if he perks up for a bit, well great..if he continues to deteriorate, then we will let him go.

i stopped off at mission animal control on the way home. that old lab with a tumour is the lovely girl that laura and lana picked up a few weeks ago. she is pretty perky, she is chubby too. we will sponsor her tumour removal and pathology to see if she could be adoptable. if so, she will return to the pound, if not she will come here...if at any point they run out of room, we will pick her up immediately.
her name is calli.

while i was there, i saw they had 2 horses in, in pretty bad shape. they were picked up as strays yesterday. the one mare has got to be 500 pounds underweight, once their holding period is up next week, we will also sponsor them to get the vets out to look at them to diagnose and treat. we will also get our ferrier out there to tend to their badLy in need of care feet. that might make them more adoptable to least that's the plan.

it is hard to come up with the money to pay these extra vet bills...but hard is not impossible, like trying to manufacture more space and room that IS impossible.

ok..i have a few things to do ( like diabetics and feed runs) before i go to work again.