Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2010

donny's eye has ruptured. i called the vet..he said that's it, we should probably put him down. he offerred to meet me at the clinic but since donny doesn't give a shit that his eye has ruptured and is way more interested in whatever pills are hidden in his beloved pill pockets and what the diabetics just got to eat..i see no reason to drag our poor vet out at midnight. the vet said it is not painful and if i can handle fluid pouring out of his poor eye, it is ok to wait til morning to end his life. i will meet him at the clinic first thing in the morning. he said i can give him a big dose of pain meds just in case cuz it will make me more comfortable.

in the meantime i will stuff that food seeking sweet cocker with any kind of food that he would like tonight.

this so sucks, i was feeling a bit hopeful that maybe donny might in the end be alright.

i love you are a very great little old guy.



i'm sorry, poor little man.

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