Rescue Journal

i have been thinking about donny and max

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2010

and i just do not get how some "rescues" can have a 10 day return policy listed on their "adoption" contacts (even london drugs' return policy is better!), can refuse to take their animals back and basically just cut them off... poof... after they have sold them for cash.

is there no emotional investment in what they do? are there no real connections made with the animals..get them in, get them out, bing, bang, boom.

donny was such a soft and easy dog, even tho medically he was complex. max was as prickly and spikey as they come but he had a charissma that drew you in like a magnet.

i cannot imagine not caring deeply for any of our guys here at saints. four years after daphne left here, i was as eager to have her back as if it had only been a few hours

even when phoebe's last adoptive home hit the wall and she was flying back to BC..i was on pins and needles until i had her back safe again.

i think people who claim to do rescue but really are just flogging a cute and fuzzy product with a heartbeat to make money...are despicable. how can you not become emotionally attached?..even if you flipped them so fast you only had them for a few hours.? could you not remember the responsibility you had for them?

there have been dogs and cats that i have never laid eyes on, but we paid a vet bill and then sometime down the road, they needed to come to saints for one reason or another. i never hesitiated for even one second, it never occurred to me to say we had no room. once that animal needed our help for anything...that animal could have ALL of our help in an instant again. by committing to pay that vet bill for some unknown animal...we made a forever promise to him or her.

so when i think of donny and max and i am sorry that they finished their lives in a homeless senior animal shelter..i have to admit that the one thing they had...was 100% caring and committment. not too many animals actually get that, not in the real world and not in some parts of the world of not quite rescue.

i am sad tonight, i lost 2 worthy friends of mine today.. and i am sadder that rescued animals are really not always rescued. i am sad that they have once again found themselves in the hands of exploiters and profiteers who use them and then toss them out after grabbing whatever cash that they can.

i am glad donny and max were old and wrecked, i am glad they were of no interest to others. before saints they both may have been facing untimely death, but they were not facing more human dishonesty and delusions.

please...if you are not a rescue, please don't call yourself one. call yourself a homefinder, a broker, a yourself a businessman, call yourself whatever you want, but don't lie and say you are rescue when you know that rescue is not even close to what you do.

donny and max were rescues..of that they could be proud. it meant that they were loved and cared for. it meant they had more value then any amount of meant, that to us, they were everything.



not karma....pure unadulterated human greed....eventually it turns on you and then watch out, you are toast.


And sometimes karma does around and bite the ones that need to be bitten.


It's easy to understand why "rescues" treat animals the way they do. In fact it's easy to understand why ALL humans treat animals the way they do. In Canada, as in every other country with a law about animals, animals are property. 'Nuff said. If we, as a nation, consider living, breathing, feeling creatures as property (much like a car or a stereo) there will never be a time when their interests will actually be important. So, after 10 days, the stereo (sorry, dog) comes back and IT (admit it, most of us still say "it" when referring to animals) is not wanted anymore. Therefore IT is disposable and IT has no more value. The property has been disposed of, the property is of no more worth. The property becomes someone else's problem (and property).

Until animals are not property very little will ever change for them.


you keep saying that it is sad that these dogs end up dying in a senior animals sanctuary when in actuality they have a much happier life than a lot of dogs that are in a home. these dogs always have someone around them they have warmth they have shelter they have food they have lots of love they are happy. it may take some longer to adjust than others, those being the ones that came from lov ing and caring homes that can no longer keep them. the others are in doggy heaven, they have been abused unloved and neglected. they love it here it is their salvation, and if they spend the rest of their lives here they will be happy and loved. do not beat yourself up over the fact that not all the dogs will find homes. this is their home for a lot of them and they love it here. for some this is all they will ever need. if i was a dog i would be happy to call saints my home.