Rescue Journal

last day

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2010

donny had a good and comfortable night..he is still sleeping.

laura came and checked on everyone for me last night while i was at work. she said max looked unwell and was drooling. i asked her to give him some gravol which she did. by the time i got home, he was a bit better.

as soon as i got up this morning, i could smell blood. i found max asleep on a thick blanket with a couple of watery, mucousy, bloody puddles of vomit near him. there was not enough blood that i should have smelled it, but max himself smells like blood.

he did get up to see me, but he is quite weak.

i am taking him into the vet with donny. we are going to totally screw up the clinic's morning and the vet may want to put me down along with my friends but he is a nice and compassionate guy so he will eventually forgive me.

this is the trouble with dogs with so much stubborn life long can you afford to wait before there is no denying that death is not just is standing right there.

tough day at saints, i have not even left my computer chair and already my eyes are leaking.



i am so sorry about donny and max. donny was very sweet and max was max. he always came with me and lucas for a walk around the pond on the weekends before anyone else came out and maybe it was to pester lucas but he loved it. i will miss him. he always seemed so slow but boy could he squeeze through the door before you knew it and he was so slow except when there was a tennis ball involved,,,, then he was as fast as the wind. he loved chasing balls. he came to life. rest in peace donny and max.


So sorry for such a huge loss at SAINTS. It sounds like they were both very much themselves - as it should be. Thanks you SAINTS for being there.


Donny was a very. very good dog. I will miss him.

The little dogs will be alot less clean now with Max not there to constantly lick their backs! lol. He did enjoy his time at SAINTS that is for sure.


So is hard enough but two back to back.
Donny you were such a special little man. Donny had such a spirit for life and turned into a great barn dog. What another lap around the pound you bet there's Donny in his blue jacket treking along always game for more. Then there is Max who was so fortunate to land at Saints because Carol is the only one who would take on an old red cattle dog and let him do his cattle dog thing. Max got to enjoy his last days being a farm dog, chasing tennis balls, herding Lucas and just getting to be his grumpy old self. We loved you both and will miss you.