Rescue Journal

rescue morning sickness.

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2010

i woke up this morning feeling literally exhausted and sick to my stomach...what the hell is that all about???

oh yeah...i still have to take care of sparky's final farewells...the horses know, but have not had a chance to say good bye, percy, joy and emily have yet to know...i am not sure what ellie does or does not know.
then there is the removal of her body yet to final, so brutal..not soft and gentle like the animals i can carry but still, i have to be there while she goes.

and i am worried about squeaky and hymi's airline arrival in abbotsford at 1030...i have to be there too in case something goes wrong and i am so worried that they are terrified by the whole travelling by plane thing. kody is supposed to arrive here around noon....i need to be here for that too because i am not sure on how it will go and if he will be so hard that he can't even stay for the trial.... and little big bud and murphy have their vet check in maple ridge at 3.

the timing of everything has to fit together perfectly or someone will be left waiting and that is not right or good.

nothing like a lot of stress to make you feel like puking.

i so hope there is a god and a heaven somewhere....i just want sparky to be so happy forever where ever she is.



I'm so sorry to read about Sparky. It's been a rough week for sure. Very few people endure the loss of so many loved four legged family members in such a short time. Knowing you did everything for each and gave them the best final years of their little lives is comforting, but doesn't ease the pain.
Every day is a schedule for you, with that I can relate, but big brown eyes looking at you with love makes it all worthwhile.
It's a new week, and this one can't help but to be better. Take care Carol.