Rescue Journal

how is everyone doing here?

Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2010

i did not sleep well last night and felt crappy today so i grabbed frodo and we headed for his trailer and had a 3 hour nap....we both liked that a lot!

i am taking kodi-bear off trial...he still is not really himself yet but while i can see a pain in the ass lurking behind his considering eyes, i see no sign of actual simmering rage. welcome to saints kodi....sigh, try to keep being good please.

squeaky and hymi are wonderful...such sweet and loving cats...i can't wait for their isolation period to be over so they can move over to the house with us. these cats have great faces...something i usually just fall for with dogs....the only other 2 whose faces i was totally in love with were wee hopeful bug and hook...for me...old cat faces are just not the same as old dogs....maybe it is just the size thing...not sure, i never really thought about it before.

sissy is doing better....she is perkier and happier again. i think she is still lonely but is making the adjustment to buddy's loss ok.

i didn't get to see the barn guys today. but i know colleen has moved ellie's bed over to sparkles stall. the plan is to move ellie and then to move herman into the barn in ellie's old spot. herman is not going to like this, but herman is too isolated where he is. i want him in the middle of the barn life activity and i want him closer to the other pigs too so he has someone like himself to talk to. tunie has already claimed ellie's new bedroom as tunie's new daytime bed so i don't think she will mind very much when herman moves into ellie's old spot. tunie has to keep her bed in the feed room at night because i do not trust the other two pigs to live in i look stupid? tunie is truly a little pig saint.

life goes on even with holes....we all adjust and move on the best we can..the animals are good teachers.

fraser valley animal hospital in abbotsford has some medications to donate to us...if anyone is out that way, can they pick up for us and drop them by at saints???




Please call me, it's Myles' foot. I left my phone # on your voice mail.


Barn guys are fine and dandy.

I made up Ellie's *room* nice and pretty, and plumped the bed and all. Then Cathy came and we groomed the horses.

I went back in the barn for a sec and saw that Tunie had plastered Ellie's plumped up perfect bed from one end of her room to the other. *la sigh*

2 perfect moments for me today. Herman allowed me to gently stroke his forehead and Lahanie allowed me to stroke his cheek a couple times. BOTH with no treat coaxing! YAY!