Rescue Journal

i will tell you what i really like about rescue

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2010

regardless of the fakers, the takers, the scary ball breakers and the occasional violence is the animals.

squeaky and hymi are sharing their basket bed and shoomzing with me like we have been good friends for years.
ootah is a doorknob who just has to stare at the cats, even as they try their very best to ignore him....sometimes tho they just have to tell him to piss right off and he zips out of their face pretty quick.....and then slowly slides back in to stare some more....he is relentless in his curious but hesitant cautious fascination of them.
i like dogs like kodi who actually think they have a god given right after only a full day here, to lay on the guilt because 2 more dogs came in that he doesn't think should be here.

i like dogs like felix who looks like the walking dead but is as unstoppable as the most determined freaky looking zombie to finally get me to lift him up on the bed so he can roll around and flip up and down and prove that he really is not even close to dead yet.

i like shy cats like cali who think i need extra reminders to feed her each night. and i like the bobbi browns who after months of slinking around, walk up to you like they own their whole tiny world.

i like pig princesses who bend their steel gates in half because after 3 hours of trying to get her up...she has to get up and out RIGHT NOW!. and i like cows who think delivery trucks are their personal tonka truck toys.

if you could just erase all the bullsit and all of the drama and nastiness...rescue would be the very best place in the world for some idiot fool like me.



call me tomorrow. i left tobrex out for scrappie above the stove. Since we didn't have supplies to stain it, it is a new or old ulcer. Tobrex BID/TID. Left eye.
New cats are adorable and all cuddled together.
have a pic that i'll post.
remember to vote in the shelter challenge everyone!!!


A rich, full week at SAINTS.

The circle is not broken.

Welcome, newcomers.


I like to see new goats finally accepted by the rest. ( except at dinner is a gong show )

I like to smell Emily's baby milk breath. Joy is definitely lactating for her.

I like to hear the sounds of the horses eating their bedtime mash. Satisfying.


So, like many other areas of life, it's just fine - if it weren't for the Humans. I get it.