Rescue Journal

i was catching up on all of the rescue forum stuff that i missed on both sides of the border since that video hit utube.

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2010

if i was completely honest, i would tell you that i don't really care if someone brings up death row dogs and sells them for a profit. i don't really care if someone lies their face off to make it seem angelic and clean, i don't even care that much if a broker calls themselves rescue (ok, i do care about this a bit.)...but what do i really care about?

that some rescued LA deathrow dogs got dumped in shelters, either as unclaimed strays or family surrenders and no one ran to go get them. i would feel the same way if i heard that someone's child was injured and taken to emergency room and the parents did not care enough to go there to help him/or her.
animals and children are vulnerable, they depend on us to make everything ok again.

i cannot forgive that no one cared enough to go and help them.

i think i could try to make money and try to get rich selling dogs (maybe not...but as a stretch..maybe i could)...but still i would make sure whoever i sold that dog to was a solid gold home and if i was wrong, i still would run over everyone in sight to get the dog back really quick.

i actually think that every single dog at saints is worth well over a million dollars. not because i want a million dollars..i just think they are worth that much at least.

and i will tell you something about senior dogs and why they don't get homes very often.

as a society we weigh benefits against liabilities....

so lets say you see the cutest, most adorable old face staring at you thru the shelter wire. and oh my god, your heart just drops...what a beautiful old dog. (you are not really seeing his outer beauty because unless you really love them, old dogs really aren't that physically are actually seeing his soul)

and then you start listing the liabilities...the reasons why that dog is going to stay where he/or she is...

his legs are bad and i have stairs...we just put in new carpets....i can't really afford to pay an old dogs vet bills....he might die soon and that would really hurt me.
and in an instant that dog whose soul just rocked your heart became worth less than the weight of him in your arms, less than the price of your carpets, less than your mastercard bill...he is worth far less than your eventual tears.

and that is why i am so angry over that video...old dogs, young dogs, sick or healthy dogs are not worth less than anything at all. they are worth a whole entire life to them and they should be worth the same to you and me and especially to whoever brought them here and sold them for money.



you said exactly what I feel about those videos!
why are those dogs there in the first place? Why is there such an epidemic of thrown away pets? What is their Plan B if they don't get sprung this way? Who will realize that what these (and all animals) deserve and have a right to, is a great FOREVER home?

It made me angry too, it made me very sad, and it continues to make me sad that we live in such a throwaway society.
I think I'll go hug my babies and tell them how much they are loved...again.


each dog worth a million dollars? even a billion dollars, its all just a bunch of colored paper. no price for a life. i see brendas coming saturday? who is coming sunday? i can change my days if need be...lynne?