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volunteer meeting

Nicole  ·  Feb. 4, 2010

For all those worried about my post regarding a mandatory volunteer meeting. Sorry I didn't mean to be vague, was just waiting to choose an appropriate time.
Here are the details:
Saturday Feb 27th around 1230-1pm ish. Meeting will be around 20-30 minutes. (if there are many who can't make it, we can try another date or perhaps have 2 dates)
Why I wrote mandatory for all volunteers? Word of mouth at SAINTS doesn't always work, I'd like all volunteers to hear the exact same thing, from me. Even more senior volunteers need to attend, so all volunteers please rsvp.
If people like we can make a potluck out of it, if not it can just be a quick meeting.
What the meeting will entail?
All volunteers must sign a volunteer waiver.
New procedure for volunteers - all volunteer hours need to be tracked (this is valuable information when we are applying for grants). So there will be sign in/out sheets located in the MP room that all volunteers need to be aware of.
Explaination of certain things, ie dog walking rule.
Please RSVP as comments or email me at
Please feel free to post any questions/comments aswell or email them to me.



I'll be there & thanks for the offer to help in the barn... we have one less stall that requires cleaning ( missing you Sparkle ) and hers was a messier one


I know I am not on site alot but do show up for the yearly clean up. So I will be there, and if we go ahead I will bring the veggie chow mein again for Felix :)


My saturday "bed buddy babysitting" isn't volunteer work ... but I'll be there and sign a waiver if you want just in-case I drown in fur or knock myself out as my head smacks the wall behind me trying to avaid daphne's tongue in my mouth ... that happed a few times last week!!!

I am not so into the pot-luck thingy this time around just because I spend the night making a dish for a pot luck for tommorrow and work and though fuck this sucks ... why am I making this I am too tired... lol!


Although I am not on site as a volunteer - I still need to sign a waiver. Could you please email me the waiver and I will sign, scan, and email back



i will start...
i will be there and will come out early to help Mo in the barn.