Rescue Journal

cole is gone...

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2010

he managed his passing well. rest in peace good dog, we are all really missing you.



i am so sorry for the loss of cole. he had spirit and determination that exuded frm him, he kept on going till the end. rest im peace and be happy. i am so sorry mo, i know how much you loved him.


Yes, Cole was a legend. When I first came to Saints 3 yrs. ago and had a tour there were 2 dogs that stood out and let me know this was a very special place...Dexter and Cole. Neither one matched their outer wrecked appearance...they were both so full of life and got to let that light shine to its fullest at Saints. Cole you taught us alot..thank you. The void you leave is huge...we all loved you so much. Run free "wild thing"


I will always remember Cole with his flower power collar playing the tough guy towards Al. Even when he had his mouth over Al's neck or bit Al's ear hard enough to make him yelp, Al did nothing, which only reinforced to Cole that he was one tough dude and still in charge of everyone. To me Cole was the image of SAINTS, wrecked and broken but still alive in spirit.


Cole is not really gone.. those words tear at my heart, my mind does not want to accept this, when Carol was still at the old site for SAINTS, Cole was a huge draw that kept bringing me back. He was my 1st ( and only ) Barn buddy back then and I had to make sure I checked where he was every 2 or 3 minutes... if I didn't check by say.. 4 minutes, I swear that dog knew my mind was elsewehere & off he'd slip... next would be me running frantically around the property & down the driveway calling out his name ( like he would actually listen ) totally freaking out that something would happen to him & I'd have to admit to Carol that I'd let her beloved Cole sneek off be injured or worse... I swear it took several years off my life. However what Cole gave back to me & everyone else who was madly in love with him, we will carry forever in our hearts . Thinking of him now brings tears to my eyes & a tightness in my chest... I know eventually that will fade & I will smile when I think of him and picture him skulking around the edge of the tree-line like a true wolf... wearing a pink collar . We all love you dearly Cole & the hole that is left behind will be there for a long long time. I hope/know you are safe and your legs now carry you swiftly wherever you want to go.

The poem by Virginia is absolutley beautuiful Thank you . I will have to wait until I am home to see the photo Album from Nicole ( thank you thank You thank You ) I don't cry around people often.. and sitting her at my desk it is way to hard to hold back..... here come the tears


From my visits last summer, Cole was one of the dogs that stood out most in my memory. I'm so sorry to hear that he passed away, but also very happy that he was able to live his last days at such a wonderful place.


Run free, Cole. Condolences to all who knew and loved him. Carol, please tell Cole's story when you're able.


When Cole arrived at SAINTS all those years ago, it was meant to be a place where this poor neglected, injured, unwanted dog could live out the end of his life in peace and comfort. Plus the fact that nobody at VAS would have to worry about getting the call to go and pick up his lifeless body, a fear everyone who cared about him shared

Instead of going to SAINTS to die in peace, Cole went to SAINTS to begin his life. He got to be the "wolf" he knew in his heart that he was.He knew unconditional love, he knew respect. Above all, he knew freedom, even in his wrecked body.

Run with the wind, my friend. Godspeed.

Chris T

Sorry for your loss Carol and everyone who works/volunteers at SAINTS.