Rescue Journal

i am going to finish off today before i go back in time to tell cole's story as i know it (deb and jez can correct anything i get was quite awhile ago and i don't always listen really well and they can fill in any gaps on things i don't know.)

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2010

but first for the rest of today.

esther started vomitting early this morning..somewhere before i got up just after 5. she was vomitting a lot. i called the vet and got the ok to hold her meds and to give her some gravol til i could get her into the clinic late this afternoon. then she started with watery, bloody diarrhea....poor baby she really felt like crap.

anyway...we made it into the vets...the skin thing is negative for mites and looks like an endocrine issue or maybe severe untreated food allergies gone wild. she also has a bacterial and yeast overgrowth so she remains on cephalexin, a lower dose of benadryl and surolan for her sore ears until her blood work comes back....we are specifically looking at cushings or thyroid disease. her stool spec showed a ton of really nasty bacteria..the vet said it is the kind that dogs get from eating dead and rotting things.
so poor absolutely sweet esther came from a home that let her skin itch and rot beneath her and where she had tons of access to probably old rotting garbage on a continual basis.
she is on high doses of flagyl and had a 12 hour antinausea injection...but she puked again as soon as we got home.
i am glad she got lost from where ever she was living and ended up in the pound.

it is official...kodi is a total doornob. but for some reason he is totally appealing and we are all falling under his cattle dog spell.

mandy and max are moving along...max is actually wandering about tonight and he had something to eat twice maybe he is turning the lost in his dog head corner and finding himself again.
lahanie has a sore foot and so does edith today...i think that is pretty much it and i will tell cole's story in a bit after i do a few things with the guys waiting for me to be with them here.


Mauro Salles

Last weekend I read all the blog entries since the beginning of January. I am absolutely appalled at the amount of loss in such a short time, and I have to express my deep respect for the REAL service you do, without illusion. Philosophies apart, I can't imagine how you deal with the pain. Could you write something about it?