Rescue Journal

to answer mauro's question

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2010

about how do we deal with the devastating losses of so many we love? is easy. there is no place else for most of these animals...we either take them in, love them, and be willing to let them go when it is time or...they have no where to go and they die.

cole had 5 years here, as did buddy too..five years of being loved for exactly who they were. five years of the fullest life that they wanted to live. daffy duck dog had a chance at a real home again for awhile and then saints was here waiting with open hearts to welcome our beloved girl back home again when she needed, max was an asshole but he was our asshole, we loved him and thought most times he was funny (but we still watched his teeth!) sparkles? apollo? donny? all of the others???...these guys come here as discarded misfits and they become our cherished princes and lines, no barriers to love, few expectations except to be happy...(never how long will they live) most of them do well with this after all of the disappointments they faced before.

we do it because they deserved to be cared for, they deserve to be loved, they deserve to feel the joy and happiness they bring to us and know without a doubt that it is a gift that they gave us..they deserve to feel our very real grief at their passing as the ultimate proof of how much they were truly loved.

they all live on here...we remember them, we talk about them now and from 5 years ago like they were still here. they are real, inside of us, even when they are physically gone.

their lives and the light inside of each of them that rocks our very cores are well worth our eventual tears...i just wish we could give them even more.