Rescue Journal

max just ate..oh yay

Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2010

i filled up his little bowl twice and he is looking for more again. i will give some more at bedtime but keep your head down is not ready to come up yet...forty-eight hours of good meds first, then try and see how you do.

he did try to lift his head higher than he has been when laura was here tonight and he hurt himself again.

i just don't get is so freaking obvious now, why the heck did i not figure it out sooner??!!

(because I SUCK!!!)



ok that made me laugh,
the day that max and mandy came i met them at the vet clinic on my break and said they could come to saints...i said i would be back to pick them up right after work....which i did but it was right after i had driven all the way back to mission on my way home BEFORE i remembered i was supposed to bring them home from maple ridge with me! (ask jenn..i occasionally forgot my kids at times too!)


You always have an answer.

Leila sucks this way.... she left Oliver at his water therapy. I mean she drove all the way home from Vancouver to Surrey ... came home looked in the back of the car and thought he had been stolen. SHE LEFT HIM.


in all honesty hillevi...if i kick myself hard enough, i remember the lesson longer...

and sheila...because are not a nurse and B. you don't lecture countless people every year on the importance of adequate pain control in elderly you can't suck for doing the best you can as well as you do..while i however should have done better a bit sooner.
that is how that cookie crumbles.


Quit kicking yourself!!!! It's easy to miss the things we find to be so very basic. You figured it out and in a couple of days Max will be forever grateful. You are working a miracle for him.