Rescue Journal

max is most definitely better...whew.

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2010

he still has a bit to go but he is on the road to improvement, i can live with that!

kodi went to the vet today..most of his lumps and bumps checked out ok, but the one on his hip was aspirated and looks like a mast cell tumour...not touching that thing. as soon as you start messing with them, they go insane and he is too old for a difficult surgical recovery anyway, so we will just manage it as well as we can medically.

webster's bloodwork came back...he is hyperthyroid. i will pick up his new meds tomorrow.
esther is hypothyroid and i will get her meds too.

oh yay, more animals on more pills!
we currently give out more than 100 medications per day here..that is a lot of freaking meds!

squirt is squirting on stuff again tonight...i wish there was a pill for that.
jewel is sore and cranky, lucas is sore but not cranky. ootah has stolen one of my socks and he is cranky worrying that i might want it can have the freaking sock, but quit growling at me, dork!
and i better get the laundry folded cuz i have to get up for work at 4 am and that might make me cranky.

good night from the crippled AND cranky crew.



Carol, we have a whole bunch of methimazole tablets (5mg) that we can give you. Depending on the dosage, there should be a month or more supply. I will see if I can get Sheila to drop it off tomorrow.


ewwww to getting up in the dark.

Very late commenting, but I LOVED the video about Floyd. Wow. He's a very lucky duck!

If that link doesn't work, you could type in "Rescue of Downer Duck Floyd" on youtube.