Rescue Journal


Sheila  ·  Feb. 14, 2010

SAINTS Pub Night

Just a reminder - Right now - if I had to go on my donations - Carol is going to be balder than balder on March 20th.
Please save her. You can go to paypal and leave a donation for her. Just leave a little note to let us know what your donation is for.


Chris T

You know when your old and you shave your head sometimes the hair does not grow back. Just ask Molly - the Pilates Queen. We shaved her when she was a hot matted mess (cause she hates to be combed) and now she has 2 big bald spots on either side!


Does the "please save carol's hair" donation go to SAINTS or to cancer??


Hey, I donated when it first came up as a (I thought) joke - not that it was enough to save Carol's hair, but I *did* put a note on paypal that that's what it was for, so I hope it was counted as such.
...although I still think a Tina Turner wig would be quite attractive. ;-)


YEAH! save my hair..i am not posting anymore cuz i don't want to bury the poster to save my hair...i will post again on march 21, probably bald (and pissed right off!)
(it is a beautiful poster, thank you laurel!!!)