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Citing a technicality, judge dismisses FLOCK case.

Nicole  ·  Feb. 16, 2010

SAINTS created the Felv room for our 'AmeriCats' about 2.5 years ago. Carol asked me to post an article from Best Friends, they just had their court case against the hoarders thrown out, very sad.
A quick word about where they came from
the americats and the forgotten feline cats

we have 2 groups of FeLv cats..the first (the americats) came from “The Great Kitty Rescue” in pahrump. 800 cats, sick and starving to death in a desert rescue compound run by a group called FLOCK. Best Friends went in and started sorting thru the wreckage of a rescue group gone terribly wrong (you can read the whole story on their website)….can you imagine the devastation and heartbreak in 800 uncared for animals? BF got them all out with the help of many volunteers..they moved them to temporary huts on site and when well enough moved them onwards from there. many rescue groups stepped up and offered safe haven to the survivors..saints offerred a home to the feline leukemia.
up until that time…our MP building was just a dirty, dark, old, dirt floored garage…we got working on the building and the feline leukemia area so the cats coming up from the states could have a nice home. that was the fall of 2007..of the 12 cats that arrived…only the rock remains. the average life span of an FeLv cat is 2 years…we have no idea how long any of them were positive for before their rescue…but they are all almost gone now.,,they were amazing cats…aladdin, albus, ronnie….tiki.. all of them.

This is a link to a best friends article and the court case against the hoarders



I live here in Pahrump were this travesty took place. I spent many hours with the Americats in this cat Auswitz called FLOCK. Thank you Best friends for coming to Pahrump to save the cats. I got to know each of these beautiful creatures and I am aware of the horrible disease that they suffer from. It is just a matter of time before they are all over the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss each one of them as they pass and will remember the bit of happiness that Best Friends and SAINTS Brought them in their last days. Bless you all...

Garry Gabrielle

I totally agree with you Carol. To this very day they are still operating albeit supposedly without a sanctuary. I will never understand how an individual founder and her group can issue a mission statement, post it on the internet under, do what they did to these cats and continue operations. I do know for fact that FLOCK was soliciting donations even as the cats in Pahrump were suffering and dieing in their hell hole. If anyone has seen the picture of Covergirl, you will have an understanding of what these cats went through. Each day I look at the three I adopted from Best Friends and am reminded of the horrific conditions under which they had to struugle to survive. Thanks to Best Friends Animal Society, numerous volunteers and a supportive group of adopters most of these guys have found forever homes. I admire groups such as Carol and Saints for taking the hardest to adopt and giving them a soft place to land until they are called to Rainbow Bridge. Thank you.


when the americats friends sent copies of their medical charts, including their original admission photos...i cannot describe to you the sadness of seeing rock as a skeleton, tikko looking like he was frail as if death was at his shoulder, charlie...remember how healthy he looked here?...looking like he had not eaten anything in months.

it was beyond disgusting, it was a horror show that those cats were literally starving to death while they were supposedly in RESCUE!

i won't ever forgive or forget is one thing for a mentally ill person to cause such is another for a group of folks who call themselves "rescue"...then it becomes something intentionally evil because they KNEW what they were not feeding and caring for the ones they chose to put behind their fences without adequate food and water...bastards...i hope they rot in hell forever hungry and thirsty and burning up in the hot desert sand and sun.