Rescue Journal

perdy is here...she is very pretty

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2010

and she is already a pain in the ass. she jumped jewel and then esther and finally tyra for no reason...esther was dare anyone treat her roughly.."i am a GOOD dog" she said.

so..i shut perdy up into the laundry area...and now she is barking and whining because she does not want to be up nice and you can come a hag and you are living up there.

i probably should have left her in pain where ever she was and not let her come here.

i am not feeling all that compassionate towards her right now...irritability when anxious and new is fine, but don't start actively looking for trouble when you are the new old girl around here....that is just stupid AND bad.

one rule perdy..don't make everyone else miserable ...suck it up buttercup and make an effort to get along.



Sounds like there is a new hag in town. I guess Phoebe's passing the crown.