Rescue Journal

another sunny day at saints...yay for the sun!

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2010

perdy is still not hugely happy in the laundry area..i will try her out again for a bit later once i decide which dog can handle being bait....jewel, esther, and tyra already had their turns so i won't make them do it again. and they are my perfect bait dogs cuz they are good with strange, stressed dogs...they are "happy to meet ya" welcome wagoneers....phoebe is next on the list....then i am not sure because everyone else becomes pretty crippled and vulnerable...except jesse (but i don't trust him as part of the welcome to saints committee....he is more likely to tell her to get the heck out even if she has changed her mind and decided to be nice.)

new dogs are such a pain....and i have enough pain in the ass dogs perdy...try being good, i will appreciate you more.

the new cats are still freaked out.

max and mandy did ok at the vets except max fell out of the back seat hammock and got his head stuck under my first clue was when his protest ' I DON'T DO CAR RIDES" barking moved from behind my head to under my ass. so there i was, pulled over on the side of the highway, trying to dislodge his head without hurting his neck again. i told him he was stupid and if his neck got sore again it was his own freaking fault!

anyway...i have decided not to do dentals on them...they both have crappy livers and kidneys...mandy is already recovering from her first stroke and the last thing max needs is aggressive dental extractions with his fragile 15 and 16 years old...they will just have to get by with periodic antibiotics and daily pain meds cuz i think their teeth will just have to last til their bodies finish crapping out.

the tour yesterday with the foundation rep went well...i asked if saints was what they had expected..she said it is so much better! so that is good..maybe they will give us another donation one day to keep carrying on.... plus they were really nice folks so the tour was a pleasure to give. is year end banking/financial paper shit...grhhh.