Rescue Journal

i never cry when the saints who found new homes finally do die...

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2010

this morning i did cry....i will miss knowing he is happy and doing his job making everyone happy in this world. rest in peace little best heart felt condolences kathy to you and your family...thank you so much for making his dreams come true.

Sadly my dear and best friend *Cuddles* very peacefully past in my
arms today with the help of my vet. His kidneys were failing him and
he stopped eating. He had to have been about 18 or so ..........

All I can say through my tears and heart ache tonight is that I will
miss all the joy and fun and love this darling dog brought into our
home. He was a master at making you feel loved.
I affectionately call him my velcro puppy as he would actually cuddle
you 24/7 if he could possibly find a way. At night he would start out
sleeping with my mom cause she and him liked to go to bed early and
then halfway through he would climb into bed with Dave and I and wake
up with us in the morning. He didn't want to leave anyone out of his
program. He was silly and fun and loved to fetch his stuffed toys and
go for walks through Derby park with us. He was easy to love and spoil.
Thank you for sharing him with me as I know that wasn't initially in
your plan.
My mom, my husband and I are greatly missing him

nicole can you please post a pic of cuddles..his pic on the happy tails page comes up as sanderson...thx.

edited by nicole to add his picture:



I am happy Cuddles went to a good home. He was a very good dog and I'm happy you could provide him with the home I couldn't.


thinking of you and your family Kathy, Cuddles was such sweet special dog.


Oh Cuddles, you were such a bright star. I'm so glad you got to share so much love and happiness. I will always remember you in your orange and green sweater, looking spiffy.


Cuddles just loved living in Kathy's home. He really did get his best home.


Cuddles one of the best ever Saints sidekicks. Just thinking of him brings a smile. Yes, he loved Carol...but he had to share with so many. So thanks to you Kathy and your family for giving him all he ever very own family to love. My thoughts are with you.


Ah yes, happy little boy. A follower and very loyal boy. May your memories of Cuddles bring you comfort..........................


i am so sorry kathy but i am happy that he landed in your arms. he was a little sweerheart that carol loved dearly and unselfishlly gave him to a good home. that was not easy for her, as all at saints know. rest in peace cuddles. thanks kathy for loving him so much.