Rescue Journal

ok a quick post..i just read my email.

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2010

new incoming...not the crippled old farm dog from chilliwack that i was picking up tomorrow...her owners were away and finally claimed her today.
oh yay... i think.."off the hook for another dog."

oh the hook for a few hours.

mommas is coming from california. kari from ace of hearts asked me about her around the beginning of the month...she even sent a picture. i whined and fussed and complained about how full we are, about holding perdy off for months and about esther coming in from the worked....until mommas ran out of time today...she is slated for destruction along with god knows how many LA others (whose pictures i did not happen to see.)

mommas is an old what? maybe small siberian or akita/chow cross with cataracts....she currently weighs 53 pounds and is apparently 19 inches tall....but in her picture, she looks a lot bigger to me than that.
she looks like nicole's saint honey (except her eyes are cloudy not shrunken but it is still near impossible to say no to would be like saying no to honey.)

you better be a good girl mommas...we gotz no more room for no more pain in the buttz dogz.

i will let you know when she arrives so we can all pray for a very nice, quiet and gentle dog....maybe if we all whine to heaven really loud, someone up there will listen for once!