Rescue Journal

noah's crippled ark.

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2010

the new old wrecked dog(s) arrive from california on thursday night...other than mommas i am not sure who else for sure is coming...i said they could pull 2 extra wrecked, up for euth, little dogs...maybe archie the blind chi that they asked me about last month..or maybe he is safe somewhere so maybe someone else?? i don't really care as long as someone gets to live.

three is a huge stretch for us right now but considering the numbers listed "in danger now"...we need to stretch to the max if we are going to try to help at all. i had decided we had one only senior spot available with cole's recent death and i have let the local shelters know...that spot is still available to one senior canadian shelter dog up for euth...these 3 american dogs are taking spaces we don't really have which is not a great move on my part..but nothing about dogs dying anywhere is very great at all. and then that's it...that is our help for california dogs probably for the rest of this year.

it sucks not to be able to offer any real significant help...but i committed to helping a very few each year even tho three means really nothing to the thousands euthanized.. hopefully it means something to the three more coming here.

bridgette, kai, shrek, fionna, and fluke....mommas and the two little unknown xxxx's....8 extra lives diverted from the american shelter death barrels in 2 years...not great but better than nothing i suppose, barely. life sucks for all homeless dogs in california...not just the seniors, but all of them. too sad to think about except once a year.

when i agree to take one..i start trolling the LA shelter is beyond overwhelming, it borders on the horribly surreal....hundreds of dogs in each huge shelter, hundreds of hard decisions for shelter staff and the private rescues pulling the few that they can to keep making more space for more to come in.

yesterday before i said to bring 2 more...i watched a video of one san bernadino shelter of the kennels of dogs in danger on one day back in december...there must have been 80 or more....puppies, small terrier or chi crosses, PB poodles, goldens, boxers..lots of adorable and sweet tempered bully breeds with their tails awagging happy to see the visiting person with the camera...all looking cute, very young and healthy. and i saw the old ones, the sick ones, the terrified ones laying down or back in the corners...some kennels had 8 or 10 dogs in each many of those lovely dogs dead bodies left the shelter that day?

bringing up dogs from the states is a real moral issue for me...we don't have homes for all of the dogs in BC...but i see them dying down there, so many every day and i can't stand it so once a year i bring up a few more.

but at least the dogs we bring stay within saints....bridgette and kai died here...shrek and fionna are with nicole and fluke is a saints permanent foster maybe that is ok. i don't know...i can justify just about anything if i try to think hard enough.

anyway...too late now, three more will be here tomorrow. i hope they are easy dogs, i hope they like it here, i hope i did not just make a big mistake.....i hope i don't have to turn any dogs away from here for awhile...

hope floats til it sinks...god please keep this crippled and full noah's ark safely and happily afloat and please help me not go completely insane!



Carol what is being done by saints and its people is wonderful! We all know in rescue that unfortunately we can't change the horrible situation many animals are in. However, for the two extra dogs that you are taking in, it means that they can learn to live their life with dignity and be loved and cared for instead of dying on a slab. For have kept their hope afloat and in return, I'm sure god will keep saints afloat too. I'm not sure about sanity part